5 Imaginative Ways To Use Mobile Event Pods For Your Pop-Up

Forget everything you know about storage containers!

Event planners are using mobile pods to create intimate, fully branded, luxurious focal points at events of all types.

There is no possible way we can describe all of the ways a mobile container can create visual interest and incredible functionality at an event. However, we’re here to spark your imagination and conceptualize a few scenarios featuring our latest offering: Lineup Pods.

What Types Of Events Are Right For Event Pods?

The most obvious use of mobile event pods is pop-up situations. These range from limited-time boutique retail stores to exclusive short-term restaurants, and demonstrations for industries like real estate or home improvement.

However, a storage container-style pod is a great addition to any indoor or outdoor event.

Your imagination is your guide. If you can think of a feature you would like your guests to view as a focal point, a luxury Lineup Pod is an innovative solution.

Here are 5 examples of how we imagine our Lineup Pods transforming your event.

An Unconventional DJ Booth

Music features prominently at most types of events. Guests are used to viewing DJs on some stage or platform and you can shake up their expectations by presenting your music in a mobile pod.

Our pods are beautiful, fully brandable, and easily draw attention. Because of the modular walls of the unit, removing or opening any side of the container is effortless.

This allows an interactive space between the DJ and your guests while protecting or even hiding the equipment that makes the music possible.

Housing your DJ inside a small modular building gives guests a reason to move closer. This helps overcome the common resistance to being the first one on the dance floor. The building itself becomes a conversation piece.

A Cozy Bar

Imagine inviting your event attendees into an intimate space for refreshment. You can create an oasis within your event by serving food and beverages from a pod.

It’s easy to remove or drop walls of the container to create expanded floor space allowing guests to gather inside and around the pod. Because it is partially or fully enclosed, the pod provides an opportunity to create a unique environment inside its structure. The wooden interior is warm
and lends an air of rustic luxury. Visually, pods are interesting juxtapositions between popular modern container aesthetics and the feeling of sumptuous wood ensconcing your guests.

Bistro tables can be provided and set up both in and around the pod. You are no longer restricted by the aesthetics of the on site bar at your venue.

Pod bars are just as ideal at outdoor events. The structure will draw guests toward it and provide an area for socialization and relaxation.

Spa Moments

Have you ever thought about creating a rest area within your event that offers services like pedicures, foot massages, meditation spaces, or other spa-like features? A pod or series of pods creates a wonderful cabin-like setting where you can invite your guests to decompress.

This is an innovative special touch to offer at corporate retreats or bridal showers. Everyone loves to relax and feel pampered and your options are endless when it comes to the services you offer guests within your retreat pod.

Keep it simple and offer headphones with soothing music, warm ambient lighting, and aromatherapy to create a quiet place to repose. More elaborate options might include chair massages, facials, or even metaphysical experiences like sound baths.

Your guests will never forget it.

Presentation Spaces

Industry presentations are often held in sterile booths but a Lineup Pod gives so many expanded options. You have the space and onboard wiring to run a number of stations that require electricity whether you are indoors or out. Presentations that don’t require demonstrations are also ideal for mobile pods. It’s easy to add projector screens and interactive media components inside. Arrange the seating in any way that fosters attention and engagement.
We can help you decorate your pod to reflect both your branding and the feeling you hope to evoke from your guests.

Setting plays a large role in learning. Creating the correct environment for your attendees to soak up the knowledge and information you’re there to impart can make all the difference.

Float Your Pod

Many of us have fond memories of pageant floats from our days in school. Reimagine this concept for your event by placing a pod on a floating platform and draw your guests’ attention in an innovative way.

Events that feature water where guests engage with it allow a floating pod to be a focal point they can approach and interact with.

Imagine running a projector from your floating pod and creating an ambient experience at a nighttime event.

Create a floating bar or music station, showcase a special product or service your business offers, or invite guests of honor to enjoy a closer look at the beauty of nature from inside one of our pods.

Pods For Any Industry

Any event can utilize a mobile event pod. From the examples we offer here you can see that they are perfect for corporate or business events but also ideal for events that focus on sales or socializing.

Our corporate and private clients will enjoy the incredible flexibility and functionality of our latest offering: our Lineup Pods.

At our core, we are artists and designers, and our extensive event planning and management backgrounds are integrated with our artistic sensibilities. We’re excited to add visual interest and value to clients in many industries through our customization and design of each pod.

Pots can be vinyl-wrapped with your logo, all accessories can feature your branding, and there are many options to display your company’s identity on various parts of the pod with appliques or projection.

Our favorite idea for our pods is as intimate gallery spaces to showcase artwork and creative endeavors. This is close to our hearts because we believe every event holds the opportunity to create moments of evocative beauty that take guests to new emotional heights.

However, this idea can be implemented in a variety of ways outside traditional art events to involve your attendees’ senses.

Learn More And Contact Us

We invite you to visit our product page that details all specifications and customizable options for our Lineup Pods.
Drawings and schematics can be provided on request.

We can create and deliver a fully customizable pod to you within 4 to 6 weeks of our initial contact. Rental terms include short-term, event-specific periods and longer month-to-month rentals.

We can’t wait to hear from you to introduce our Lineupn Pods personally.

Here’s to great success at your next event!

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